Crystal Small Business Class VoIP $39.95/month  *  Business Bundles $99.95/month with 3 or more lines


Internet Phone Service Great Features Low Price Affordable


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Crystal Small Business Class VoIP Internet Phone Telephone Service Plan:


- Unlimited Local & Long Distance to U.S. and Canada

- Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Forward & Transfer

- Navigator, Communicator or Centrex Chain [more info below]

* No Annual Contract

Crystal Small Business Features & Benefits:

* Voicemail & Faxmail

* 3 Way Calling

* Call Forwarding

* 911 Dialing

* Stutter Tone Message Waiting

* Fax Line Upgrade Option

* Competitive International Rates

* 30 - Day Money Back Guarantee

* Keep Your Phone Number

* Most U.S. Area Codes Available

* Second Crystal Small Business line for $34.95/month

Business Bundles:

- VoIP convergence and Unified Messaging

- Limitless Scalability with easy ROI

-All features of Crystal Small Business with 3 more lines: $99.95/month


Crystal Small Business Requirements;
- You must have a broadband Ethernet Internet Connection

- You need a U.S. Mailing address and a U.S. credit / debit card.

- internet ip phone or ATA Devices which we will show you the low cost affordable options.

Call Management

 -- Communicator  Unified Communications System that can best be described as voice mail on steroids.

For More Info on Communicator Click Here

-- Navigator  is a hosted automated attendant service capable of virtually limitless branch logic.

Navigator™ operates as a full service virtual receptionist and is designed to operate as a "front-end" to other classes of service.

Navigator™ can be configured to deliver different announcements to your callers based on the time of day, day of week or weekends.

-- Centrex Chain™  Centrex 21 Emulation for VoIP.

Centrex Chain™ provides business level ring no answer and busy condition routing.

Originally Written for or business VoIP customers, Centrex Chain™ is a modular class of service [COS] that has been integrated for use with other classes of service. It is most commonly used as a 'front-end" to the following COS when live answer is desired before further call treatment: for more info on this and any other product please call or email us.

For IP Phone equipment Options and any of the services please contact us:

                                         Call Us 1-800-843-6036

$39.95/month Business Class Voip Service Plan * No Annual Contract*Host of features.


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