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Ketec Shoplifting Prevention Systems

Retail Loss Theft Prevention Systems to prevent Shoplifters Shoplifting. Retail Security Electronic Article Surveillance.

Store Theft Prevention Systems, Tags, Labels, Deactivators anti theft systems by Ketec.

ketec shoplifting prevention for libraries library book stores

ketec shoplifting systems


Electronic Article Surveillance      Systems          Shoplifting Prevention   Anti Theft  By Ketec

ketec challenger shoplifing prevention system


ketec shortage control eas commander system to prevent shoplifting


electronic article survellance eas ketec to prevent shoplifting elite system


ketec shortage control shoplifing system classic


Dual Panel Units    Separate Transmitter & Receiver


Store Theft Loss Prevention    Systems      Electronic Article Surveillance      By  Ketec 

ketec vector system shoplifting prevention


ketec shoplifting prevention shortage control electronic article survellance eas clear vector system

Clear Vector

ketec sp systems system shoplifting prevention shortage control


Omni Directional Single Unit Transmitter & Receiver   Single Panel Systems




ketec deactivator deactivators k2i shoplifting prevention equipment

K2I Deactivator

k2k deactivator pad ketec theft shortage shoplifting prevention equipment

K2K Deactivator


Detection Labels

ketec detection label labels plain white

Plain White

shoplifting prevention label labels ketec barcode bar code


detection label labels shoplifting prevention be kind please rewind

Be Kind Rewind

detection flap label ketec

Flap Label


 Theft Loss Prevention Hard TAGS

4.6 MHz Hard Tags  -  Used with Single Panel System [SP]

ketec kt4006 4.6 mhz mini loss theft shoplifting prevention hard tags

KT4006 4.6 MHz, Mini Hard Tag

kt4003 4.6 mhz standard shoplifting theft article surveillance tags by ketec

KT4003 4.6 MHz, Standard Hard Tag

Ketec kt4026 4.6 mhz water drop theft prevention hard tag tags

KT4026 4.6 MHz, Water Drop Hard Tag

 Theft Loss Prevention Hard Tags

8.2 MHz Hard Tags - Used with:

Vector, Classic, Challenger, Commander, Elite & Clear Vector  Systems

kt4007 8.2 mhz mini shoplifting theft prevention shortage control tag tags

KT4007 8.2 MHz, Mini Hard Tag

ketec kt4002 8.2 mhz standard hard tag electronic article surveillance shoplifting theft prevention

KT4002 8.2 MHz, Standard Hard Tag




KT4055 Standard Detacher

KT4055 Standard Detacher

KT4060 Super Detacher

KT4060 Super Detacher

KT4112 Pins for Hard Tags

KT4112 Pins for Hard Tags

KT4135 Clutches

KT4135 Clutches

KT4140 Lanyards

KT4140 Lanyards


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