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SLI Lighting   World Class Lighting from a Global Manufacturer.

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Fluorescent Vaportite Wet Location Industrial Lighting Fixture

compact fluorescent lamp cfl screw in bulb lamp sli lighting

Fluorescent Compact Screw In: The mini Lynx compact fluorescent family is an energy efficient retrofit for existing incandescent sockets. Many of the Mini Lynx lamps utilize spiral glass design, allowing an easy fit in table lamps and other base down applications.

compact fluorescent lamps, cfl, offers users a compact size, energy efficient alternative to incandescent and standard linear fluorescent products sli lighting

Fluorescent - Compact Integrated: SLI plug in compact fluorescent lamps, cfl, offers users a compact size, energy efficient alternative to incandescent and standard linear fluorescent products offered under the Lynx trade name. A wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Special Fluorescent Lamps sli lighting lamps tubes bulbs

Special Fluorescent Lamps and auxiliary products are also available from SLI Lighting.

fluorescent t10 t12 lamps tubes bulbs sli lighting

Fluorescent T10 T12: The SLI portfolio contains a wide range of the traditional 1" diameter fluorescent lamp design for a wide variety of lighting applications. A limited range of 1 1/4" diameter products is also offered.

t5 fluorescent lamps bulbs tubes lights sli lighting

Fluorescent T5: A new generations of tri-phosphor high efficiency  slim fluorescent tubes offering superior colorimetric and lumen maintenance performance. Particularly suitable for use in  new low profile recessed and suspended luminaries and modular systems.

t8 fluorescent lamps bulbs tubes sli lighting

Fluorescent T8: SLI manufactures a wide variety of 1" diameter energy-efficient long life fluorescent     products.

The SLI family includes the most widely used U Bent & Circular bulb lamp products.

Fluorescent U Bent / Circular Lamps: The SLI family includes the most widely used U Bent & Circular bulb lamp products.

Metal Halide BriteSpot ES16

Metal Halide BriteSpot ES16: is the first metal halide reflector lamp to bring together high output, excellent light quality and superb energy efficiency in one compact highly distinctive package. It's improved discharge arc offers excellent color stability and superb color rendering.

high pressure sodium hps lamp lamps bulb bulbs lighting tubes sli

High Pressure Sodium: The SLI portfolio contains a complete range of HPS lamp types. All provide the highest efficiency available from a full spectrum light source. With high lumen maintenance and 24,000 rated median life, HPS, High Pressure Sodium, lamps are a logical choice for roadway, industrial, and floodlight applications.

mercury vapor lamps bulbs lamp light lights tubes sli lighting

Mercury Vapor: SLI offers a traditional range of standard mercury lamps. While more efficient high intensity light sources are available, Mercury Vapor Lamps remain a long life, better efficiency alternative to incandescent, especially in industrial and outdoor lighting applications.

metal halide lamps bulbs lighting sli

Metal Halide: SLI metal halide products provide the user with a highly efficient, high light output source with very good color rendering performance available in a variety of wattages. SLI metal halide lamps bulbs are installed in a variety of commercial, industrial, retail, and outdoor lighting light applications.

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mercury vapor metal halide high pressure sodium hps lamps bulbs tubes sli lighting

eiko health care lcd dlp automotive miniature av photo lamps bulbs lighting

fulham electronic ballasts electronic transformers lamps universal voltage multi-volt 120v-277v 220v-240v

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sli lighting lamps bulbs tubes lamp bulb tube incandescent halogen fluorescent linear cfl compact hid high intensity discharge hps high pressure sodium mr11 mr16 sa111 t4 single end t3 double ended par20 par30 par38 br30 t-5 t5 t-8 t8 t-10 t10 t-12 t12 u bent u-bent circline blacklight germicidal 4pin 4-pin 4 pin pulse start es16 es36 bt28 ed17 ed28 ed37 bt37 bt56 mercury vapor metal halide



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