E-Z-MRP  Material Requirements Planning Software for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers

*No Hidden extras, no training, installation or consulting fees, no shipping and handling.

*Implementation of E-Z-MRP is as simple as most other systems are difficult.



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Isn't my company too small to run manufacturing software successfully??

Answer: E-Z-MRP was the first Material Requirement Planning software  product designed for small manufacturers; startup to $20,000,000.00, who had no previous experience with manufacturing software. It has been successfully implemented in hundreds of sites around the world.

Isn't Manufacturing software too complicated for us to learn??

 Answer: E-Z-MRP requires no training. Just read the manual. Yet it provides all of the information you need and has been implemented in as little as 18 days.


Doesn't Manufacturing Software require too much training and maintenance??

Answer: E-Z-MRP was originally designed to run on a single user PC by people with no previous experience with either computers or manufacturing systems.

How do I know what to make today to meet my customer commitments??

Answer: E-Z-MRP tells you every day what needs to be made in order to satisfy customer demands.


How do I Control my raw material inventories??

Answer: E-Z-MRP reports exactly what material product is on hand, details what must be purchased daily, and identifies excess inventory.


Because my part prices change so often how can I know my current product costs??

Answer: E-Z-MRP's powerful Bill of Materials Processor provides current and immediate product costs and sophisticated configuration management.

How do I avoid missing ship dates because of production bottlenecks??

Answer: E-Z-MRP includes a Capacity Planning Function that determines the percentage of each work center's capacity being used every day and identifies production bottlenecks.




E-Z-MRP is now available in two versions:

E-Z-MRP - with a capacity of 500 part numbers: $2,995.00

E-Z-MRP Unlimited - with unlimited part numbers: $9,800.00

Support for the first year is free of charge.   After the first year, the support fee is 10% of your purchase price per year.

That's it. There's nothing else to buy.




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