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Hazardous Signaling Area Location Products

Federal Signal Hazardous Location Area Audible Visual Explosion Proof Explosion-Proof Signaling Horns Sirens Strobes Pull Stations Fire Alarms Sirens Intercom Systems

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       Intercoms for Hazardous High Noise Locations

       Intercoms for Hazardous High Noise Locations


explosion proof explosionproof explosion-proof sirens horns federal signal

Audible Explosion Proof  Horns


Corrosive atmospheres, hazardous areas, high noise environments, extreme temperatures, dust, humidity. Rely on Federal Signal audible signaling equipment, horns, sirens, selectone. Federal Signal offers the widest variety of industrial signals. Horns, Bells, Sirens, Electronic Speaker Amplifiers, Digital Media Centers, Tone Generators and more are available for stand alone of plant wide systems. Explosion-Proof, Explosion Proof, Explosionproof Federal Signal Products.

hazardous location horns sirens federal signal

Hazardous Location Signaling

explosion proof explosion-proof led strobe strobes light lights federal signal

Explosion Proof Strobe Lights

Visual Signals: Explosion Proof & Hazardous Location Products

Regardless of the application process control, plant safety or emergency evacuation, Federal Signal provides the signaling solution. With state of the art surface mounted circuit boards, long life incandescent strobe and LED lamps, superior optics that maximize light dispersion. Federal Signal has a multitude of mounting options, a variety of operating voltages and housing designed for hazardous location visual signaling. From food processing plants to steel mills Federal Signal has a variety of visual signaling products.

explosion proof explosion-proof explosionproof strobe light lights lighting federal signal
selectone federal signal explosion proof horn horns signaling fire alarm


Fire Alarms: Pull Stations Heat & Smoke Detectors Horns Strobe Lights

Having the Proper plant-wide communication systems installed in your facility is critical to ensuring employee safety and security during an emergency. Federal Signal offers a wide variety of audible and visual signaling equipment to create a customized solution for any operations needs. Federal Signal has expanded its notification product offering to include a select groups of fire alarm equipment and products. These products include pull stations, heat detectors, fire alarms, smoke detectors.

Federal Signal Hazardous Location Products


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Public Address and Intercoms


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